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Texas officials investigating months-old motorcycle accident

There are some investigations that seem to drag on for months. While officials typically work to ensure that all angles of serious collision are thoroughly examined, the families of victims may grow weary of waiting for the authorities to announce what led to the loss of their loved one. Texas officials are still working on an examination of the scene of a fatal motorcycle accident that occurred in July.

The police announced that the road where the wreck occurred would be shut down in both directions while crews collected information from the scene. Officials did not state whether they were looking for specific information. They only indicated that the road closure would probably last for the duration of the morning. 

Easing diabetic restrictions may lead to truck accident risk

For years, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has barred some truck drivers with a chronic illness from operating large commercial vehicles. However, it is now contemplating allowing some drivers with diabetes to hit the highways again. However, will this decision result in more Texas residents facing a higher risk of being involved in a serious truck accident?

The FMCSA has recently updated its guidelines concerning which diabetic drivers could be permitted to get behind the wheel of their rigs. Truckers who wish to work will be required to submit the stipulated documents that prove they meet the guidelines. These drivers must have diabetes that has been well controlled for the past year with no incidents of symptoms of hypoglycemia for the past 12 months, which can include severe dizziness or loss of consciousness.

Teen driver injures several children in Texas car accident

Every driver has to start somewhere, and no one can improve their skills without hours of practice. However, the vast majority of these young drivers do not cause serious harm to people or property in the process of gaining experience. Unfortunately, one inexperienced Texas teen driver recently did cause a car accident that resulted in at least one child suffering critical injuries.

According to police reports, a 17-year-old driver, who was purportedly in possession of a learner's permit, was operating a vehicle with his father in the passenger seat. He allegedly confused the accelerator with the brake pedal. This action then caused the vehicle to crash into a day care center.

Bicycle accident deaths down for some but up for others

Learning to ride a bicycle is one of the fondest memories from childhood for millions of people. However, along with that accomplishment comes the danger of getting seriously injured in a bicycle accident. Every year, these types of accidents affect the lives of dozens of Texas residents.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, approximately two percent of all fatal traffic accident victims are bicyclists. The latest figures regarding the fatality rates for these accidents reveal that for some, fatal incidents are down. However, the death rate for men over the age of 20 have shown a marked increase over the past several years. The numbers of fatal wrecks for women over the age of 20 and for children have gone down considerably.

Family loses child in fatal accident on Texas interstate

Traveling the Texas highways during rush hour is usually not worse than an aggravation to the majority of drivers. However, with such heavy traffic, there is always a risk of becoming involved in a serious or even fatal accident. Unfortunately, a recent rush hour crash led to a family losing their beloved daughter.

According to the police report, a passenger sedan was traveling along Loop 1604 near the interchange of I-10 around 6 in the evening on a recent weekday. While it is unknown how many passengers were riding in the vehicle, a 13-year-old girl was seated in the rear compartment area. For reasons that are yet unclear, the sedan was smashed into from the rear by another vehicle that was traveling behind it.

Motorcycle accident results in man's death

Riding a motorcycle along Texas roads may be an invigorating experience that also comes with some serious risks. In fact, regardless of how cautious a rider may be, a serious motorcycle accident can occur with no warning. Recently, one man became the latest victim of a car versus motorcycle collision.

Police reported to an urgent call summoning them to the scene of a serious wreck. According to the investigators, a 58-year-old woman was driving her vehicle along a local road with her 59-year-old passenger. She purportedly approached an intersection and came to a stop. She then proceeded into the intersection where her car collided with a motorcycle.

Insurer offers tips to help prevent a Texas motorcycle accident

According to statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, only 20 percent of wrecks involving a motorcycle do not result in a serious injury or death. With these riders facing such high risks, State Farm Insurance company has offered some suggestions to help customers avoid a serious motorcycle accident. While most Texas riders are aware these, it may be beneficial to review them occasionally.

Two of the most repeated suggestions are to wear protective gear in bright colors. While the summer months may lend themselves to light, comfortable clothing, motorcyclists are best served by donning thicker outer garments, such as leather, in order to protect against road rash and other serious skin injuries. It is also suggested that helmets are in the style that incorporate full facial protection in a brighter, more noticeable color. 

Deputy alleged to have ignored victims in serious car accident

Those who serve as police officers are often held in the highest regard for their willingness to sacrifice for the good of others. While the vast majority of police do go above and beyond, not every individual meets that expectation. One Texas deputy was recently accused of not reporting a serious car accident.

According to accounts, the deputy in question purportedly spotted a car that was exceeding the speed limit. The dash camera mounted in his car apparently recorded the officer giving chase as the vehicle passed his location. At some point during the deputy's pursuit, the leading car crashed and flipped over. However, the officer did not stop to render aid. Instead, his vehicle's emergency lights and sirens were purportedly deactivated and he left the scene.

Family works to prevent another fatal truck accident

Three years ago, a family lost their beloved 25-year-old son.  The man was killed in a horrific and preventable truck accident. However, due to this family's tireless efforts, Texas freeways may also become safer in the near future.

The family filed a lawsuit against the trucking company that owned and operated the rig involved in this fatal wreck. According to the investigation following the crash, the trucking company failed to ensure the safe operation of its equipment because the tractor's brakes were faulty. In addition to the brake problem, the owner purportedly tampered with the maintenance logs and directed his driver to avoid a safety inspection site in order to avoid having the truck removed from service.

Texas man victim of fatal bicycle accident

There are never any assurances in life that even the most mundane activities will not end in tragedy. Even a simple decision to go for a ride can end in a horrific accident. For example, one Texas man recently died after becoming a victim of a bicycle accident.

According to the accident report, an officer on patrol heard a disturbance that sounded like a collision. He then observed a damaged pick up truck leaving the vicinity of the noise. As he pursued the truck, he reportedly noticed fluid leaking from the vehicle. When he conducted a traffic stop, the driver of the truck was subsequently arrested based on purported evidence of intoxication and the report that an injured man was discovered lying in the roadway at the location that the truck had been observed leaving after the suspected collision.

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