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Texas man victim of fatal bicycle accident

There are never any assurances in life that even the most mundane activities will not end in tragedy. Even a simple decision to go for a ride can end in a horrific accident. For example, one Texas man recently died after becoming a victim of a bicycle accident.

According to the accident report, an officer on patrol heard a disturbance that sounded like a collision. He then observed a damaged pick up truck leaving the vicinity of the noise. As he pursued the truck, he reportedly noticed fluid leaking from the vehicle. When he conducted a traffic stop, the driver of the truck was subsequently arrested based on purported evidence of intoxication and the report that an injured man was discovered lying in the roadway at the location that the truck had been observed leaving after the suspected collision.

Multi-vehicle fatal accident in Texas kills 3

No matter how vigilant a driver may be, not every hazard can be avoided. Along with the heavy traffic that clogs Texas freeways on a daily basis, there are other dangers posed by drivers that may be impaired or otherwise distracted. One recent fatal accident appears to have resulted from a driver's negligence.

The accident report stated that the wreck involved several vehicles and was apparently caused by a driver who was purportedly headed south in the northbound lanes of Interstate 45. That driver then collided with a smaller vehicle head-on. A car traveling behind the second one smashed into its rear. Two other vehicles were also caught up in the tragedy crash.

Austin police arrests use of SUV on fears of auto defect

In some instances, the equipment that law enforcement has at its disposal can make a difference in how effectively it can protect its citizens. When fleet vehicles are purchased for the purpose of ensuring the safety of others, an issue such as a serious auto defect can sharply hamper police efforts to perform their duties in a safe and timely manner. The Austin police force recently decided to arrest all use of its fleet of Ford Interceptors over concerns of carbon monoxide leaks into the passenger areas.

According to various departments and agencies, an estimated 70 employees have filed workers' compensation claims due to exposure to the toxic gas. A department spokesperson stated that claims have continued to escalate since earlier this year. Approximately 20 police officers have had measurable quantities of the gas in their systems.

Trucker error may have lead to serious crash, injuries

Traveling the roads in any major city can be a dangerous undertaking, and Austin is no exception. When heavy commercial and construction traffic increase the hazards, trucker error can lead to potentially life-threatening injuries. One recent wreck sent a victim to a medical center with critical injuries.

The collision occurred in the late evening hours on a recent weeknight. Police and emergency crews were called to a wreck between a large construction vehicle and a smaller sports car. Purportedly, the accident was caused by a dump truck driver who may have neglected to yield the right-of-way at an intersection.

Drunk driver enters guilty plea for fatal accident that killed 1

There are few things that are harder to accept than the sudden loss of a loved one to a preventable tragedy. When that loss comes at the hands of an alleged drunk driver who caused a fatal accident, then the family is often left feeling shattered. Recently, a Texas man entered a guilty plea for his role in the death of another driver.

The accident occurred more than three years prior and was caused when a purportedly intoxicated man was driving his vehicle the wrong way on a local interstate. His vehicle collided head-on with another car being driven by a 29-year-old man. The police arrested and charged the driver with intoxicated manslaughter.

Texas public official arrested after fatal accident kills 2

Texas officials are elected to represent the needs of their residents and as such, they are also expected to uphold the same laws that apply to their constituents. When a public servant is suspected of violating those laws, it is also expected that they will be held to the same consequences. One woman who holds the office of commissioner-at-large in Texas City was recently arrested after a fatal accident.

Police were called to the scene of an accident that occurred in the overnight hours. Three men, a father and son along with a fellow employee, were returning from a work site when a piece of equipment on their vehicle apparently came loose from its fastenings. The driver pulled off to the side of the road in order to secure the equipment. The father and his son were on the left side of the vehicle, closer to the travel lanes.

The effects from a whiplash injury in a car accident can linger

Almost everyone knows someone who has been injured in an accident. When the cause of the injury was a car accident, some may be tempted to dismiss the seriousness of a whiplash injury. However, as many Texas residents have had the misfortune of discovering, this type of injury can have a long lasting impact on one's health.

Whiplash is often portrayed in movies as a neck injury that requires a soft collar to be worn for a brief time and then discarded. However, the damage that is done at the moment of injury is often complex, and it may take weeks before more serious symptoms manifest. If the injury was the result of a car accident, then the whiplash injury occurs in four distinct phases in rapid succession. The sudden forceful extension and recoil of the neck and upper back muscles and soft tissues is when the most damage occurs.

Long hours make for high risk of truck driver fatigue

Federal regulations that stipulate how long a trucker may drive exist for good reason. Limiting the number of hours behind the wheel is intended to reduce the risk of an operator suffering from truck driver fatigue. However, this is often a difficult regulation to enforce, sometimes resulting in deadly accidents in Texas that devastate the lives of victims and their families.

Recently, a media source conducted an investigation. It was discovered that some truck drivers have reportedly been forced to disregard the federal rules. The government guidelines stipulate that truckers are to drive no more than 11 hours at a time. If they work beyond 14 hours in one shift, they are required to rest for a period of 10 hours before resuming their duties. Nevertheless, dozens of short-haul drivers say they are often forced to work far beyond those hours and are also directed to falsify their log books in order to get paid.

Motorcycle accident combined with spinal cord injury changes life

It is no secret that motorcyclists face a much greater risk of physical injury whenever there is a serious accident. One potentially serious consequence is a spinal cord injury. In Texas and elsewhere, many accident victims struggle to handle the challenges these injuries bring.

Depending on the location and the extent of the injury, different organs and functions may be compromised. While kidneys and the workings of the upper digestive system will continue to function, the ability to control both the bladder and the bowels may be negatively impacted. In addition, circulation and the ability to feel may be adversely impacted as well.

Drunk driving often major factor in a serious car accident

The possibility of becoming involved in a serious wreck increases over time. While the overall number of drunk driving collisions is reportedly down over the past 30 years, a person has a one-in-three probability of being involved in one of these wrecks during his or her lifetime. Texas residents are just as vulnerable of being affected by a serious car accident caused by an impaired driver.

An estimated 10,265 people died from an accident caused by an impaired driver in 2015. Alcohol enters the blood stream directly through the digestive system. Once there, it accumulates in the body of the person drinking until it can be removed by the liver. Once a person imbibes a certain quantity of alcohol, his or her ability to safely operate a vehicle is negatively affected. The affects can be felt with even low BAC, as levels below the legal limit of .08 percent can lead to slower response time and loss of coordination.

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