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Motorcycle accident combined with spinal cord injury changes life

It is no secret that motorcyclists face a much greater risk of physical injury whenever there is a serious accident. One potentially serious consequence is a spinal cord injury. In Texas and elsewhere, many accident victims struggle to handle the challenges these injuries bring.

Depending on the location and the extent of the injury, different organs and functions may be compromised. While kidneys and the workings of the upper digestive system will continue to function, the ability to control both the bladder and the bowels may be negatively impacted. In addition, circulation and the ability to feel may be adversely impacted as well.

Drunk driving often major factor in a serious car accident

The possibility of becoming involved in a serious wreck increases over time. While the overall number of drunk driving collisions is reportedly down over the past 30 years, a person has a one-in-three probability of being involved in one of these wrecks during his or her lifetime. Texas residents are just as vulnerable of being affected by a serious car accident caused by an impaired driver.

An estimated 10,265 people died from an accident caused by an impaired driver in 2015. Alcohol enters the blood stream directly through the digestive system. Once there, it accumulates in the body of the person drinking until it can be removed by the liver. Once a person imbibes a certain quantity of alcohol, his or her ability to safely operate a vehicle is negatively affected. The affects can be felt with even low BAC, as levels below the legal limit of .08 percent can lead to slower response time and loss of coordination.

Family hurt and angered over fatal bicycle accident

The most mundane activities can sometimes end in the most tragic ways. Nothing may be more commonplace than going for a bicycle ride, especially for an older, more experienced rider. However, given the wrong circumstances, that ride could end in a serious or even fatal bicycle accident. One Texas family is now trying to comprehend this nightmare.

The accident occurred late on a Monday night, though details are still unknown. A residence or business that was located close to the scene purportedly has video surveillance that appears to show the 61-year-old rider being struck twice by two separate vehicles. A police investigation has determined that the man and his bicycle were dragged an estimated 50 feet before the vehicle was free of the bike.

Don't let a Texas motorcycle accident injure you twice

Riding your motorcycle is likely one of your favorite pastimes. Unfortunately, no matter how diligent you are, there is the ever-present danger of getting caught up in a serious motorcycle accident. So many of these Texas wrecks are the fault of a motorist who was not paying close attention.

In spite of the care you take to ensure your own safety and the safety of those sharing the road with you, the fact remains that you are still vulnerable when traveling the roads with larger vehicles. Though your smaller profile may be an advantage at times, it is impossible to react quickly enough when a distracted driver cuts you off through a lane change or sudden turns. Your chances of suffering serious injuries are much greater when a larger vehicle is involved in a collision with your bike.

Texas trooper honored for helping victim of serious car accident

Texas first responders may be accustomed to arriving on the scene of someone's personal tragedy in the chaotic moments after a motor vehicle collision. However, they are not often recognized for the roles they play in helping victims of a serious car accident get their lives back. One man was recently honored for helping one such victim.

The accident occurred late last year. The trooper was one of the first on the scene of the wreck. A 22-year-old woman had suffered a critical injury to her spine. The officer was described as instrumental in helping to keep her immobile until the emergency medical team arrived on the scene.

An Austin truck accident can lead to a lifetime of pain and loss

If you live in the Austin area or surrounding suburbs, then you are well aware of the heavy flow of large trucks in and around the city. Along with that increased traffic, comes the increased likelihood of being involved in a serious truck accident. These accidents can lead to a lifetime of pain, suffering and economic damages.

There are many factors that can play into a wreck involving these big rigs. Trucker driver inattention due to tiredness or distractions may be a significant factor when these crashes occur. There is also the consideration of whether the tractor or trailer experienced a mechanical malfunction. An overloaded trailer or one that has structural weaknesses can also cause a tragic accident along the highway.

Accidents and the brain: How a head injury can change life

Until the invention of modern modes of transportation, the physical structure of the body was sufficient enough to provide protection for the most critical of bodily organs -- the brain. However, since people found new and faster ways of traveling, the brain has become more susceptible to a serious head injury and the myriad of physical and mental problems that come with one. Many Texas families may be struggling to cope with the aftermath of one of these catastrophic wounds.

A serious head trauma can happen to anyone, though a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is more likely to happen to a male between the ages of 15 and 24; however, older victims are also common. A closed head injury is also more likely to result in more serious injuries as the inside structure of the skull is jagged, which causes more damage when a violent impact causes the brain to collide with these rough edges. The damage can be caused from the impact itself, swelling of the tissues or from internal bleeding.

Texas motorcycle accident claims life of young man

Warmer weather is a siren call that few people can resist, including motorcycle enthusiasts. Unfortunately, so many motorists do not take these smaller vehicles into consideration, and what may only be a minor wreck for a car or truck can lead to fatal injuries when there is a motorcycle accident. One Texas family is now mourning the loss of their loved one after just such a wreck.

The accident occurred on the last Friday in April. According to the report, the 25-year-old man and a friend were driving their motorcycles along a local road in the early morning hours. A driver of a large pick up truck was proceeding down the same road in the opposing lane. An eyewitness reportedly stated that the driver appeared to be traveling at the posted speed just shortly before the wreck.

Deadly accident that killed 1 may be result of trucker error

Texas officials never lack for work to do, especially when it comes to investigating serious accidents. One of the most recent traffic fatalities may be the result of a trucker error. The crash involved several vehicles, including two tractor-trailers.

According to an officer who is part of the ongoing investigation, there was an apparent slow down in the speed of traffic. A purported eyewitness claimed that a trucker who was approaching the slowdown failed to adjust his speed in time to avoid a collision. Instead, he or she slammed into a vehicle that was traveling ahead of it. This started a chain of collisions.

Texas teenagers enter guilty pleas re fatal car accident

For many teenagers, the temptation to test the limits of a motor vehicle may be hard to resist. Unfortunately, this could lead to someone else suffering a heartbreaking tragedy if a car accident should occur. Two Texas teenagers now face the consequences after a crash killed two people.

The deadly accident happened toward the end of 2015. According to a media report, two teen drivers were engaged in a street race. Four teenagers were riding in two vehicles. At some point during the race, a sports car driven by a female collided with a sedan.

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