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Teen driver injures several children in Texas car accident

Every driver has to start somewhere, and no one can improve their skills without hours of practice. However, the vast majority of these young drivers do not cause serious harm to people or property in the process of gaining experience. Unfortunately, one inexperienced Texas teen driver recently did cause a car accident that resulted in at least one child suffering critical injuries.

Deputy alleged to have ignored victims in serious car accident

Those who serve as police officers are often held in the highest regard for their willingness to sacrifice for the good of others. While the vast majority of police do go above and beyond, not every individual meets that expectation. One Texas deputy was recently accused of not reporting a serious car accident.

Austin police arrests use of SUV on fears of auto defect

In some instances, the equipment that law enforcement has at its disposal can make a difference in how effectively it can protect its citizens. When fleet vehicles are purchased for the purpose of ensuring the safety of others, an issue such as a serious auto defect can sharply hamper police efforts to perform their duties in a safe and timely manner. The Austin police force recently decided to arrest all use of its fleet of Ford Interceptors over concerns of carbon monoxide leaks into the passenger areas.

The effects from a whiplash injury in a car accident can linger

Almost everyone knows someone who has been injured in an accident. When the cause of the injury was a car accident, some may be tempted to dismiss the seriousness of a whiplash injury. However, as many Texas residents have had the misfortune of discovering, this type of injury can have a long lasting impact on one's health.

Drunk driving often major factor in a serious car accident

The possibility of becoming involved in a serious wreck increases over time. While the overall number of drunk driving collisions is reportedly down over the past 30 years, a person has a one-in-three probability of being involved in one of these wrecks during his or her lifetime. Texas residents are just as vulnerable of being affected by a serious car accident caused by an impaired driver.

Texas trooper honored for helping victim of serious car accident

Texas first responders may be accustomed to arriving on the scene of someone's personal tragedy in the chaotic moments after a motor vehicle collision. However, they are not often recognized for the roles they play in helping victims of a serious car accident get their lives back. One man was recently honored for helping one such victim.

Texas teenagers enter guilty pleas re fatal car accident

For many teenagers, the temptation to test the limits of a motor vehicle may be hard to resist. Unfortunately, this could lead to someone else suffering a heartbreaking tragedy if a car accident should occur. Two Texas teenagers now face the consequences after a crash killed two people.

Texas woman seriously injured in hit-and-run car accident

When one works as a first responder, one of the biggest fears may be arriving on a scene that involves a beloved family member or friend. This nightmare almost happened for a veteran Texas firefighter whose daughter was critically injured in a car accident. Fortunately for the father, he was on another call at the time.

One Texas lawmaker attempts to stop some distracted drivers again

Those in the legislative branch of government are charged with the responsibility to represent the will of the people who voted for them and to purportedly look out for the good of the public. Now, it has been reported that some Texas lawmakers will try once again to ban one behavior that leads to distracted drivers. Doing so could possibly help make the roads safer for everyone.

Proving liability after a car accident

Motor vehicle accidents generally result in significant expenses. These can include the money needed to repair or replace a vehicle, medical bills and other long-term health care costs and increased insurance premiums if a driver is found at fault. Texas drivers who have been involved in a car accident and do not believe they are at fault may be interested in some of the ways to determine and prove accident liability.

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