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Fatal car accident leaves community in shock

Unfortunately, fatal accidents that occur as a result of a negligent driver are extremely common in Texas.  In some cases, the victims of a car accident are being mindful and abiding the traffic laws but still can be in the path of another driver's destruction without knowing it. Families of the deceased may not only be dealing with the heartbreak of losing a loved one, but they also may find out that the death was because of someone else driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

This appears to be the sad reality for a community coping with the death of a 19-year-old man and injury of two other students resulting from a car accident. According to police, a 59-year-old woman was traveling north at a high speed when her car went off the road and proceeded into the traffic traveling southbound. She struck a vehicle with the three young men in it, resulting in the death of one of the victims.

2 dead after SUV versus motorcycle accident

Drivers in Texas and across the country need to be mindful at all times of other vehicles around them, especially motorcycles. When a motorcycle accident involving a larger vehicle occurs, the outcome is likely to be devastating for the motorcycle driver. One fleeting moment of negligence on behalf of a driver in a regular-sized vehicle could be the difference between life and death for anyone on a motorcycle.

Sadly, that is exactly the situation two people encountered as they were taking an afternoon motorcycle ride.  A motorcycle driver and his passenger were left dead following a collision with an SUV. Around 2:30 p.m., a man was traveling on a motorcycle that was towing a trailer when a SUV turned in front of him. The driver of the motorcycle, unfortunately, was pronounced dead at the scene.

A town is coping with the gravity of hit-and-run accidents

Across the country, children walk home from school every weekday. It is devastating for a family to lose a child while he or she is doing something so innocent. Unfortunately, hit\-and\-run accidents occur frequently in Texas, and occasionally the outcome can be fatal. When a child falls victim to a car accident while crossing the road, it can leave a community in shock.

A man was arrested following a recent hit-and-run car accident that left one high school girl dead and another girl seriously injured. The accident occurred while the girls were crossing the street as they left their school for the day. Police reported that the driver ran a red light at the intersection where the students were, and speed was thought to be a factor.

Alleged drunk driver flees scene of car accident

Driving late at night can be innocent in nature but can end with terrible repercussions. Bars and restaurants usually close late at night, and not every patron is responsible when it comes to alcohol intake. When a deadly car accident occurs in the early hours of the morning, alcohol is often involved. Many victims never see it coming and do not have much time to react. In Texas, two accidents occurred around 2 a.m. where alcohol was thought to be a factor.

A pickup truck reportedly driving at a high rate of speed rear-ended a sedan carrying three passengers. The impact resulted in the sedan spinning and splitting the car in two pieces, leaving the driver dead. The driver of the pickup allegedly got out of the vehicle and approached the sedan. Witnesses said he appeared intoxicated by his slurred speech and staggered walking. Reportedly, the driver fled the scene of the tragic accident.

Truck driver flees scene of fatal truck accident

Motorcycle enthusiasts have all sorts of reasons for enjoying rides in Texas. Some people cruise around for fun, ride in motorcycle clubs, race them or just collect them. It's a prideful hobby, but those who ride motorcycles also are aware of the dangers that come with doing so. The problem can be out of the control of the cyclist, though, when he or she has to rely on the other drivers on the road to be cognizant of the motorcycle as well. It's never expected when a motorcycle is involved in a truck accident.

This is the case for two people who were left dead after a collision with a tractor-trailer. The tractor-trailer was in the right lane heading north when the driver needed to make a turn.  The driver cut across to make a left turn in a Freightliner. The motorcyclists were in the left lane and ended up hitting the trailer of the truck. Unfortunately, the impact was fatal.

Fatal bicycle accident leaves Texas community in mourning

Kids ride their bicycles every day in their neighborhoods, the parks and in the streets. The possibility of an accident is always looming, but never expected. When a child is hurt or killed as a result of a bicycle accident, it is difficult for communities to process the tragedy and move forward. This is exactly what a small town in Texas is currently dealing with.

A young boy whose family recently made Texas their home lost his life when he was struck by a car while he was riding his bike. The unsuspecting teenage driver failed to see the boy as she backed out of her drive way. Her vehicle collided with the child, and the force from the impact resulted in the boy being dragged into the street. The end was fatal and left a family in mourning and a community in shock.

Auto defect: Massive settlement reached with air bag makers

Hundreds of people have been injured, and 22 have lost their lives because of a company's negligence in the manufacturing of faulty airbags. Reports show that millions of vehicles worldwide were equipped with airbags that can spray deadly shrapnel in the event the airbag deploys. In Texas and around the world, millions of people have yet to respond to the auto defect according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

The agreement reached with TK Holdings, an American subsidiary of Takata, requires the firm to pay out $650 million. Nearly 34 million affected vehicles on the road today are being recalled, making it one of the largest recall in history. One state Attorney General said companies have a legal and moral obligation to protect customers from defective products like these.

Wrongful death suit filed in extermination death

A family is in mourning today. They remain shocked and stunned that their loved one suffered an inhumane death the result of bedbug extermination. An elderly couple who lived in a senior living apartment were exposed to elevated temperatures resulting in the death of one and the hospitalization of the other. In Texas, the family has filed a wrongful death suit to avenge their family member claiming the woman died from hyperthermia due to negligence.

The suit claims that the elderly couple's apartment of thirteen years was treated for bedbug infestation in 2017. The landlord and a pest control company applied a non-chemical treatment technique that raised the interior of the home to 139 degrees. In this case, two companies are accused of having little or no regard for human safety and failing to use a safe treatment in a senior environment.

Alcohol a factor in fatal accident

Unfortunately, accidents on the highway are a part of life. Some of the leading causes of accidents include drunk driving, driver fatigue or weather conditions. While some of these instances are minor, many others are not. After a recent fatal accident, a Texas family is left to mourn after an intoxicated driver chose to get behind the wheel.

During the early morning hours, the victim was hit head-on by another vehicle that was traveling in the wrong direction along Interstate 37. Police received phone calls prior to the accident of a van heading in the wrong direction, but officers were unable to reach it before the accident occurred. Upon impact, the van erupted into flames, trapping the now-accused man until officers pulled him out after extinguishing the fire. Police also reported the victim died at the scene.

Fatality reported after tragic motorcycle accident

Texas roadways are no strangers to motorcycles. With a recent rise in the temperatures, many motorcyclists are hitting the pavement to enjoy the brief period of beautiful weather. With an increased presence of motorcycles on the roads, the likelihood of someone being involved in a motorcycle accident increases. Unfortunately, a local man lost his life over the weekend after his bike was struck by a vehicle.

According to police reports, the motorcyclist was struck by another vehicle after purportedly failing to yield right-of-way before turning. The victim was found by police with serious injuries and transported to a local hospital where he tragically succumbed to his injuries. Police also reported the victim was not wearing a helmet.

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