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Multi-vehicle car accident lands 4 in the hospital

To allow for a smoother commute, most drivers will periodically switch lanes to accommodate other drivers on the highway. While this task is very common, motorists should use extreme caution when maneuvering into the slow or fast lanes. For one Texas driver, a simple mistake led to a multi-vehicle car accident while merging into the slow lane.

On a recent Friday night, during the evening hours, a single vehicle was the cause of a chain reaction when it collided with another vehicle, then flipped over while merging into the slow lane. A third vehicle was also involved while trying to avoid the accident. While the investigation continues, it is still unclear as to what exactly caused the incident.

Car accident causes multiple injuries

Traveling on the roadways can be hectic, especially on Friday afternoons. As people are eager to get home to start their weekend, poor and rushed decisions are often made while driving, sometimes resulting in a car accident. Texas residents are advised to be mindful of rush hour times throughout the day and the congested traffic that comes along with it.

Recently, on a Friday afternoon, the Texas Department of Public Safety reported a car accident involving two vehicles on U.S. 69. The initial investigation indicated that a passenger vehicle traveling southbound made a left turn into the path of a pickup truck that was traveling northbound. It is unknown why the driver of the passenger vehicle made the turn at that moment, but as a result, three people were injured.

Poor truck maintenance leads to deadly, fiery crash

For many Texas residents, traveling by roadway is a daily necessity, especially for drivers of 18-wheelers. As these drivers travel daily and nightly to meet delivery deadlines, it is possible for regular truck maintenance to be overlooked or delayed. In a recent semi-truck crash, poor truck maintenance may be to blame for a fiery collision that took the life of a pickup truck driver.

During the early hours of the morning, an 18-wheeler traveling southbound on I-45 tragically collided with a pickup truck, causing a fiery crash that lasted for hours. Due to a malfunctioning tire, the driver of the semi was attempting to move toward the shoulder. During this time, the driver of a pickup truck ran into the back of the semi. Sadly, the pickup driver succumbed to injuries resulting from the crash and died at the scene.

Bicycle accident prevention

It's not uncommon for residents of larger cities, such as Austin, to use bicycles as a form of transportation. Bicycling can be used for daily commutes, exercise or for pleasure. Whatever the case may be, bicyclists should be aware of all associated dangers as well as ways to prevent a future bicycle accident.

Just like motorists, bicyclists traveling on the roadway adhere to the same responsibilities and reserve the same rights according to the law. With these same rights, the risk of riding a bicycle is much higher than those driving or riding in a vehicle. To lower the risk of a crash, bicyclists should be prepared and conscious of their surroundings at all times when traveling on roadways.

Fatal Needville crash may lead to wrongful death claim

Traveling during the late evening hours can come with many risk to all motorist. It is extremely important for all drivers to remain alert and to be cognizant of other distracted drivers and wildlife such as deer. The traffic may be less dense during this time, but every precaution should be taken in order to stay safe during these hours and to prevent any potential wrongful death associated with these risks.

Sadly, a Texas high school is grieving the sudden loss of their very own dance team captain. Sunday, during the early morning hours, a pick-up truck traveling northbound crossed the center line into the southbound lane and tragically collided with a vehicle driven by the senior's boyfriend. Although the passenger vehicle attempted to avoid the collision, the truck ultimately struck the right front side of the Volkswagen. This unfortunate and possibly preventable collision led to the unexpected death of the high school senior. Investigation continues into what exactly caused the driver of the pick-up truck to veer into oncoming traffic.

Deadly motorcycle accident involving a teen in North Austin

It's no surprise that driving a motorcycle comes with a higher risk of injury than for those that travel by motor vehicle, especially when a teenager is in control. Teenagers or young adults tend to be oblivious of how dangerous a motorcycle can be, causing other motorists to be weary of them while traveling. In a recent motorcycle accident, in North Austin, a teenager was killed after trying to avoid contact with another vehicle.

During the early afternoon hours of Dec. 4, the biker was traveling northbound on a Texas roadway when it encountered a pickup truck. While trying to avoid contact with the truck, which apparently swerved unexpectedly to exit onto a service road, the driver of the motorcycle lost control and struck the truck's right rear tire. The driver of the motorcycle was unfortunately pronounced dead at the scene due to the impact.

Texas truck accident caused by negligent motorcyclist

For many licensed motorists, crossing the center line is a frightening, yet common occurrence. While some drivers catch a lucky break, and make it to their destination unscathed, many others are not so fortunate. This proved true in a recent truck accident in Texas, that claimed the life of a motorcyclist when the two vehicles collided.

While traveling north on Texas highway 208, a motorcyclist approached a curve in the road and mistakenly veered off into oncoming traffic. This common error caused the driver of a pickup truck in the southbound lane to swerve right, hoping to avoid a collision. Unfortunately, both vehicles collided along the fog lane. Although the driver of the truck survived, he did suffer debilitating injuries from the crash, while the driver of the motorcycle succumbed to his injuries. The Texas Department of Public Safety also confirmed that the motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

Texas motorcycle accident leaves man critically injured

Every time the warmer weather rolls around, many media stations throughout Texas run motorcycle awareness campaigns to help remind motorists to share the road with these two-wheeled vehicles. Unfortunately, these campaigns are discontinued when fall approaches even though many bikers will continue to ride in spite of cooler weather and diminished daylight hours. As a result, motorcyclists may face an increased risk of being involved in a motorcycle accident that is caused by an inattentive motorist.

Recently, officials received a report of a collision involving a motorcycle and a pickup truck. According to the police report, a 20-year-old man was operating his motorcycle along a local road in a westerly direction. A motorist was approaching a crossroads at approximately the same time. The driver of of the truck then proceeded to attempt to complete a left-hand turn.

Alleged drunk driver kills 3 members of a family in car accident

One of the best ways to renew family ties and build memories is through vacations. Unfortunately, those memories can become nightmares in the event that a car accident results in the deaths of loved ones. Recently, such a tragedy occurred when a family decided to visit Texas on vacation.

The police report indicated that the deadly collision was caused when a allegedly intoxicated driver was operating his car along a local road in Austin. At some point, the 41-year-old driver lost the ability to control his car, and it veered off of its travel lane and broke through steel cabling that separated the opposing lanes of traffic. His vehicle then collided head-on with another vehicle that was transporting an out-of-state family here on vacation. 

Texas multi-vehicle crash believed to be caused by trucker error

Every day along Texas freeways, there is the risk of getting caught up in a serious car accident. While the majority of motorists make every effort to operate their vehicles conscientiously, other drivers do not take the same care and consideration. A recent multi-car accident left one woman with serious injuries and seems to have been caused by a trucker error.

The wreck occurred along Interstate 10 and reportedly involved nine vehicles. The report indicated that several vehicles had come to a stop due to a back-up along the interstate. A man driving a tractor-trailer that was approaching in the same lane apparently failed to notice the slowdown. He did not adjust his speed in order to avoid a collision. His commercial vehicle then slammed into the rear of a small SUV that was one of the cars that had stopped due to traffic conditions.

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