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Fatal car accident leaves community in shock

Unfortunately, fatal accidents that occur as a result of a negligent driver are extremely common in Texas.  In some cases, the victims of a car accident are being mindful and abiding the traffic laws but still can be in the path of another driver's destruction without knowing it. Families of the deceased may not only be dealing with the heartbreak of losing a loved one, but they also may find out that the death was because of someone else driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

A town is coping with the gravity of hit-and-run accidents

Across the country, children walk home from school every weekday. It is devastating for a family to lose a child while he or she is doing something so innocent. Unfortunately, hit\-and\-run accidents occur frequently in Texas, and occasionally the outcome can be fatal. When a child falls victim to a car accident while crossing the road, it can leave a community in shock.

Alleged drunk driver flees scene of car accident

Driving late at night can be innocent in nature but can end with terrible repercussions. Bars and restaurants usually close late at night, and not every patron is responsible when it comes to alcohol intake. When a deadly car accident occurs in the early hours of the morning, alcohol is often involved. Many victims never see it coming and do not have much time to react. In Texas, two accidents occurred around 2 a.m. where alcohol was thought to be a factor.

Auto defect: Massive settlement reached with air bag makers

Hundreds of people have been injured, and 22 have lost their lives because of a company's negligence in the manufacturing of faulty airbags. Reports show that millions of vehicles worldwide were equipped with airbags that can spray deadly shrapnel in the event the airbag deploys. In Texas and around the world, millions of people have yet to respond to the auto defect according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Possible auto defect after fatal wreck

It's not uncommon for vehicles to experience safety recalls. Many times, these defects are minor and are repaired quickly before an accident occurs. Unfortunately, the families of two Texas college students are grieving after an alleged auto defect took their lives in mysterious car accident.

Multi-vehicle car accident lands 4 in the hospital

To allow for a smoother commute, most drivers will periodically switch lanes to accommodate other drivers on the highway. While this task is very common, motorists should use extreme caution when maneuvering into the slow or fast lanes. For one Texas driver, a simple mistake led to a multi-vehicle car accident while merging into the slow lane.

Car accident causes multiple injuries

Traveling on the roadways can be hectic, especially on Friday afternoons. As people are eager to get home to start their weekend, poor and rushed decisions are often made while driving, sometimes resulting in a car accident. Texas residents are advised to be mindful of rush hour times throughout the day and the congested traffic that comes along with it.

Alleged drunk driver kills 3 members of a family in car accident

One of the best ways to renew family ties and build memories is through vacations. Unfortunately, those memories can become nightmares in the event that a car accident results in the deaths of loved ones. Recently, such a tragedy occurred when a family decided to visit Texas on vacation.

Driver causes fatal car accident; flees scene on foot

Traveling the Texas freeways always demands the greatest attention in order to avoid causing any harm to fellow motorists. Unfortunately, not every driver exercises the same focus on the task at hand, and inattention could result in a horrifying car accident. Recently, officials responded to the scene of a tragic wreck that took the life of one woman.

Teen driver injures several children in Texas car accident

Every driver has to start somewhere, and no one can improve their skills without hours of practice. However, the vast majority of these young drivers do not cause serious harm to people or property in the process of gaining experience. Unfortunately, one inexperienced Texas teen driver recently did cause a car accident that resulted in at least one child suffering critical injuries.

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